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The Bully of Bentonville: How the High Cost of Wal-Mart's Everyday Low Prices Is Hurting America, by Anthony Bianco

In lieu of actually blogging about the book, because it's late and I want to go to bed, I give you the following:

Prof. Bainbridge blogs about Wal-Mart as the recipient of corporate "welfare" in What Left and Right Both Miss About the Wal-Mart Debate:

Once again, Wal-Mart is being used as a political football. On the left, politicians and pundits use Wal-Mart as the poster child for living wages and mandatory health care benefits. On the right, Wal-Mart is held up as a paragon of corporate efficiency.

Interestingly, however, both the left and right implicitly cast Wal-Mart in the role of free market capitalist. What's missing from the debate is the extent to which the Wal-Mart story really is the antithesis of laissez-faire capitalism. When you look under the rug, it turns out that Wal-Mart is a beneficiary of corporate welfare.
(HT: Ernie the Attorney)


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