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The Insiders' Guide to Relocation: Expert Advice to Move Across the State, the Country or the World by Beverly Roman

Organizing Plain and Simple: A Ready Reference Guide with Hundreds of Solutions to Your Everyday Clutter Challenges by Donna Smallin

Positive Moves: The Complete Guide to Moving You and Your Family Across Town or Across the Nation by Carolyn Janik

Moving Without Madness: A Guide to Handling the Stress & Emotions of Moving by Arlene Alpert

Smart Moves: Your Guide Through the Maze of Relocation by Audrey McCollum, MSW, Nadia Jensen, Ed.D., Stuart Copans, MD

First, we were going to move. Then we weren't. Then we were. Now we're definitley not. But to be prepared I checked out everything our library has on the subject, figuring that if we did move on short notice, I would be too busy packing and such to do a whole lot of reading. The four books listed above are in order, top to bottom, of most recommended to least recommended. As always, anything that makes my "recommended" list will have an Amazon link on the left sidebar (although I am a bit behind in getting those up).

Insider's Guide to Relocation – this is the best of the bunch, with plenty of checklists and chapters for special situations, such as foreign relocations and advice for the career-interrupted spouse (i.e., if you are relocating because your spouse has a new job and now you have to find a job in the new location). Lots of resources and a related website.

Organizing Plain & Simple – even though this book had only one chapter on moving, it was extremely helpful.

Positive Moves - helpful, but this book, written by a "real estate expert", emphasizes the real estate aspects of relocation: putting your house on the market, mortgages, etc., and is generally more geared towards company moves. Best tip for moving: in your new home, tack up a street map to the dining room wall. Mark all the important spots – schools, work, grocery stores, friends’ houses, etc. This will help orient you and your children to your new hometown.

Moving Without Madness – Focuses on the Physical, Emotional, Social, Mental, and Spiritual needs of a relocating person. I need to write a book, because if Arlene Alpert can write one, so can I. Summary: moving is tough.

Smart Moves - Summary: moving is tough, and experts think so too. Explores the difficulties of moving in excruciating detail, as only a psycotherapist, an early education specialist, and a psychiatrist can do. Some good suggestions for helping children deal with the move and information about what their concerns might be at different "ages and stages". Generally, however, this book just points out all the different ways you have to be miserable while moving.


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