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Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days, by Kevin Leman.

As parenting books go, this one's pretty good. It is similar in approach to Jim Fay's Love and Logic approach - though Love and Logic seems better suited for younger children; Have a New Kid for older children and teens. Sometimes when reading this book, however, I felt like it was directed toward completely permissive parents with completely spoiled kids. The basic principle is something that any parent with two kids and half a brain has figured out - that sooner or later, your children are going to want something from you, or need you to do something for them. And if they haven't cleaned their room or taken out the trash, you need to make it their problem, not yours. No nagging required.

There is another book in the series, Have a New Husband by Friday, which I plan to read, though I'm wary of the application of child-raising techniques to the marital relationship. Is there going to be a book How to Have a New Wife by Friday? I'm not sure that one would go over so well.

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