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Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story About God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables, by Phil Vischer.

I first heard of this book after I stumbled across Phil Vischer's blog. I put in a request for my library to purchase it, and they did. I liked the book a lot. Here's a review which sums the book up better than I could:

From Publishers Weekly
Have you ever been tempted to start your own business? First read this cautionary tale, especially if you think your ideas come from God. Vischer, a pioneer in computerized animation and creator of Veggie Tales, proves that a pathetically skinny, shy techno-geek can be hilarious even when describing his headlong plunge into bankruptcy. In 1989, "with an unflappable 'How hard could it be' attitude," the 22-year-old entrepreneur launched his dream of creating high-quality Christian entertainment by founding the company that would become Big Idea Productions. Thirteen stressful years later, he was featured in a People magazine cover story—"small town kid kicked out of Bible college and down to his last ten bucks creates talking vegetables and hits it big, selling 40 million videos!"—shortly before firing half his staff in an unsuccessful attempt to avert disaster. While Vischer accepts the blame for the collapse ("my strengths built Big Idea, and my weaknesses brought it down"), he also details various unnamed executives' incompetence. One question haunted him: if he was doing God's work, why didn't God rescue his company? Concluding his story of spiritual inspiration and heartbreak, Vischer draws lessons from his experience for anyone who has ever lost a dream. (Jan. 9)
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If you read it, make sure to check out the bonus chapter.

Blogwild!: A Guide for Small Business Blogging, by Andy Wibbles

I liked this book because it delivered what it promised. It's a perfect introduction for a small business owner who doesn't know much about blogging but knows s/he needs to get on board. It's concise and to the point, and not too technical. My only criticism is that all of the "how to set up a blog" etc. information is based on a Typepad platform. It would have been nice if this book had been more relevant to other blogging services.

God Emperor of Dune, by Frank Herbert

Are Dune novels like Star Trek movies? You know, odd ones good, even ones bad? It would seem so. Although the concept of Leto II's transformation into the giant sand worm and his thousands-year reign is fascinating, this book is a bit plodding.

I'm also confused by the fact that the Duncan ghola says that he remembers Leto as a child, when actually the original Duncan died way before Leto was even conceived. Is Herbert insinuating that the Duncan gholas are not copies of the original but of a later ghola/clone? Or did he just get confused when writing this book. If you have a theory, let me know.

Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself, by Marla Cilley (The FlyLady) and Leanne Ely (The Dinner Diva)

If you are a FlyLady or Dinner Diva devotee, that this book is a must-read goes without saying. It's motivational and inspirational for everyone else, although there is a lot of "fly-lingo" to fight through (glossary provided). It helped me, and I'm sure that it will be a life-changing book for some people who desperately need to hear its message.

Children of Dune, by Frank Herbert

Although I have read this book many times, I still enjoy it. Much better than the disappointing Dune Messiah.

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