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Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family by Dave Ramsey

I'd been listening to David Ramsey's radio show and really enjoying it, so I must say this book was a bit of a disappointment. Mr. Ramsey talks about financial peace, and a hodgepodge of other issues such as investing and getting a good bargain on the things you buy. But he really does not go into detail on his "baby steps" (one short chapter at the end of the book), debt snowball, and other advice he is famous for, such as budgeting (another short chapter). I'm hoping his more recent books will be more usefull.


Dave Ramsey's got a book for the Baby Steps, babe. Check out The Total Money Makeover. It's got the Baby Steps, budgeting, money myths and more. Check it out and you'll be deep-sixing debt before you can say "Freedom!"

12:22 PM  

I'm reading it now.

11:17 PM  

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