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Can She Be Stopped? : Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President of the United States Unless . . . by John Podhoretz

Three thoughts on this book:

1) This book is a roadmap for the Republicans on how to prevent Hillary from getting elected. Now, is it really a good idea to come up with a strategy and then publish it for everybody, including the Democratic strategists, to read?

2) Mr. Podhoretz just doesn't make a good case against Hillary. He seems to be writing to an audience that is already convinced that she is the anti-Christ. While I am wary of a Hillary presidency, it's not because of anything he wrote in this book. He could have done a better job at the outset of building a case against her.

3) His ultimate solution, if you don't want to read the book, is that Rudolph Giuliani needs to run against her, and change his position on abortion to a pro-life stance (he maintains that every politician is entitled to change their position on this issue once and only once).

I'm recommending this book, because it is an interesting read, but only marginally.


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