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For Packrats Only: How to Clean Up, Clear Out and Dejunk Your Life Forever, by Don Aslett

Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time To De-junk Your Life!, by Don Aslett

These books provide an exhausting exhaustive list of all the junk we buy or acquire; all the reasons we acquire junk; all the reasons we find it hard to part with junk; all the different ways there are to clean up, clear out, and dejunk; and all of the negative results of failing to dejunk. These books don't describe one method to simplify your life - it describes them all. The books are disorganized and one gets the impression that if you have read one Don Aslett book, you've read them all. The books themselves need to be dejunked. A heavy-handed editor would have done the trick.

On the other hand, I did find the books to be motivating and inspiring. So, if you feel helpless, don't know where to begin, and need someone to tell you, step by step, what do do, go buy The Flylady's Book. But if you are already on the right path and feel yourself getting into a slump, these books will do the trick.


I have read many Don Aslett books and I love them. I love them because I am a Packrat and I need them. Now I am a homeschool mom, and I am having much trouble de-junking books. I keep telling myself that someday, somebody might read this book or that, or get obsessed and want the whole collection of 50 books of the series I liked when I was a kid. Please help! Any advice? I am overrun by books!

9:37 AM  

Lisa, I have too many books, too! And I am a curriculum junkie, even though I am not currently homeschooling.

My secret is to find out if a book is available at my local library, or can be acquired for free in an electronic format. If so, I either don't buy it or get rid of it. Doing this, you can eliminate almost all of the mass market paperback novels you own as well as many of the classics. Of course, there are some books that have sentimental value or are just so important you want to have them on hand. I just think of the public library as additional storage space for my personal book collection.

Now I've stopped buying traditional books, but I "buy" free Kindle books like a madwoman! At least they don't take up space.

4:09 PM  

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