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Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Gamecube.
by Chris, Age 10

For all you Mario and Gamecube fans this is for you. Super Mario Sunshine is a hard game, but is fun after you figure it out. Mario has been falsely accused of spreading pollution on Delfino Isle. The real culprit is a watery Mario. He is making the graffiti with his staff. I will call him "Dark Mario". You are helped by Fludd, a robot from Gadd Science Inc. a flash-liquidizer-ultra-dousing-device. He (or she, it doesn't tell you.) has many nozzles. The nozzles are spray which you can spray you're opponent, hover which you can hover for a short time, rocket which you can go shooting 50-100ft. (can't tell estimation), and the boost which you can go faster when sliding. Mostly to attack you squirt water and pound them (Exception: Blooper Gooper, you pull his nose. Sorry it's in Japanese.) The main enemy varies between levels. First it's multi-colored blobs, then mini Blooper Goopers, then "acka quacks". This is a fun game but there must be a time when you say "This is too hard, I quit."


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