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The Legend of Luke: A Tale from Redwall by Brian Jacques
By Chris, Age 10

This story is about two mice named Martin (who is a warrior) and Gonff;a hedge hog named Trimp;and a mole named Dinny.They set out to Martin's old home,the caves of his tribe, NW from Redwall abbey, their home.Redwall was founded by Abbess Germaine.They found the four survivors of the crash that went with Luke to defeat the stoat Vilu Daskar.Vilu Daskar killed most of Luke's tribe.He maned a ship called the Goreleech and sailed around taking slaves on his three-decker ship.Luke battled, took over a ship, and renamed it Sayna, after his wife, who was killed in the first attack.Martin learns as much as he could about his father then went back to Redwall taking the survivors, a hare named Beau and three mice named Vurg, Dulam, and Denno.I highly recommend this to anyone who likes the following, action, adventure, comedy,and tragedy. In all it's a adomedy :)

P.S. For more Redwall books go to the Redwall Wiki.


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