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Add to the list of books on home staging and decorating:

Home Therapy: Fast, Easy, Affordable Makeovers, by Lauri Ward. By the author of Use What You Have, this book is something of a case study, without a whole lot of guidance. Lots of photos.

Building a Successful Home Staging Business: Proven Strategies from the Creator of Home Staging, by Barb Schwarz. This book has some useful information for anyone staging their own home, but it is more for the professional.

Dress Your House for Success: 5 Fast, Easy Steps to Selling Your House, Apartment, or Condo for the Highest Possible Price!, by Martha Webb and Sarah Parsons Zackheim. You wouldn't think that such a small book with no photos, only a few black and white illustrations, would be so helpful, but it really stands out from all the books I've read recently.


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